Reduce the environmental impact of your returns

Enable carbon offset options and use our smart rules engine to avoid returns entirely for ineligible items.

Prevent returns before they happen

The return period has passed, the item has been worn, hygienic reasons rule out return? Customers can only initiate the return flow if
an item is eligible for return.

Say goodbye to paper

We’re taking returns online. No more paper return labels. No more shipping return labels.
No printer needed.

Find the right solution for every return

Based on a set of dynamic rules, historical data, cost, expected value and condition each product can be routed to its optimal next-best location. Items that would have to be disposed of for economic reasons can now remain directly with the customer or be donated.

Offset CO2 Emissions caused by returns

In collaboration with Planetly, all emissions generated
by your returns are offset to support projects
that tackle the challenges of climate change.
We currently support a clean drinking water project
in Rwanda and a wind energy project in India.

Build trust and loyalty with a seamless returns experience for your customers

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