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Everything you need to provide a seamless, self-serve returns experience that delights and retains your customers.

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Let your customers initiate returns online

With just an order number and email, customers can submit their returns online. No need to contact you or fill out paper forms. You can change the look and feel of your returns portal to match your brand identity.

returns portal

Turn refunds into exchanges

Your customers may not want their money back. Maybe they just want a new size or color. Make it easy to get the right item and offer the best possible return, no matter if it's a refund or exchange.

customer return

Generate paperless return labels automatically

No printer needed anymore. We connect your carriers and generate QR Code shipping labels without involving your team.

paperless return

Keep your customers up to date

Your customers can check the current status of their return on your tracking site and receive email notifications at every step of the process.

return status update

Manage all your returns from one place

Approve returns and refunds automatically and spend less time on returns management.

returns management

You are in control with individual policy rules

Create and customize Return Rules exactly to your needs.
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Empower your team with actionable insights

Understand what, when, and why certain items are coming back, measure performance metrics and take action on what you discover in your customer's feedback.

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return integration

Easy to setup and integrate with your existing systems

connect store

Connect your store

1-click integrations with all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and Shopware.
carrier integration

Integrations to 20+ international carriers 

Automated label creation for all major carriers which allows you to select the best return shipping method for each country
custom integration

Custom integrations with 8returns APIs

Integrate your 3PL, ERP and other business tools with our custom APIs so you can capture and send data exactly where you need it.

Build trust and loyalty with a seamless returns experience for your customers

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